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Happy without Heat: Chickens in the Winter

One of your main concerns about installing a chicken coop at your home may be about how the chickens will keep warm in our harsh, New England weather. No need to worry! Because chickens stick together in a flock, it is not necessary to add heat. It might be tempting to do this knowing how chilly the winters can get. However, our resident poultry expert, Khrysti, points out that adding an electric heat source can do more harm than good, for two reasons. One, if you were to lose power, your chickens would struggle to adjust to the sudden temperature change. Two, the combination of animals in a small pace with a heat source is an accident waiting to happen. Know that chickens are able to adapt over time to the colder winter temperatures. With a well-designed coop and their fellow feathered friends, your birds will stay warm all winter long!

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We will continue to post more information about our chicken services, however feel free to contact us with questions or to request a chicken coop consultation. We’d love to help you add new pets to your family and eggs to your breakfast table!


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