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Gaining Ground: Boston Urban Agriculture

There are lists upon lists of reasons to love Boston. Narrow winding streets, a special way of speaking (Sumnah, not Sumner), a city of firsts including the first college (Harvard) and the first rooftop farm on a grocery store.

Rooftop farm at Whole Foods Market  Jason farming the Whole Foods Market rooftop farm


Boston is a special sweet spot for young chefs, where independent restaurants and small local chains are revered over national ones, from which we all benefit. With outstanding farms less than 30 miles away, farm-to-table thrives in Boston, inspiring many local chefs to take it a step further by having gardens on site.

b.good Rooftop Farm

Local “real food fast” chain b.good grows food at nine different locations, including the top level of a parking garage in Downtown Crossing.

Boston is also one of the cleanest cities – did you know it’s illegal to hock a loogie on the sidewalks here?

We challenge Boston to be one of the GREENEST cities as well, with a food security spin. We call this challenge GROWvember: from this November to next, how many acres of agricultural growing space can Boston add, particularly in under served food desert-y neighborhoods? Urban agriculture not only beautifies our city landscapes, but cultivates a network of food sustainability and security to be shared by all.

1114-Installation-01   1114-Installation-02

1114-Installation-03   Garden

Perhaps the next time someone says “let’s meet at the gahden,” you’ll have to ask “which one?” Or better yet, “yours or mine?”

Have your driveway, rooftop, backyard or front lawn evaluated for the best location to grow vegetables, and join the GROWvember challenge!

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