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Create a Healthier Self and Environment

Growing your own food is the best way to ensure a constant supply of fresh, healthy produce, while helping the environment.

Imagine having the freedom to step right outside of your home with fresh fruits and veggies right at your fingertips. At the same time, that means less trucks on the road transporting produce to the grocery store, saving energy and fossil fuels.

Help Yourself and Your Planet

When you grow your own food, your diet is more diverse and healthy, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Food in its rawest, freshest form is not only the tastiest way to enjoy it, but also the most nutritional.

It is comforting to know how your food is fertilized, what pesticides are used, and the overall care.

Rather than taking a long ride in your car to purchase organic produce from a store or farmer’s market, you are spending time and energy growing your own healthy food at home, staying active and getting fresh air. Also, you are not relying on produce that may be imported from many miles away, therefore reducing the carbon emissions that are associated with fossil fuels, packing materials and other methods of transportation. 

   Retrieved from Kate Phillips Design

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