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Local Food Movement With Less Movement

A unique way to set yourself apart from other restaurants is an on-site farm that provides locally grown organic food to consumers. It represents dedication to supplying healthy, fresh food, while adding beauty to the community and protecting the environment.

“Our Boylston location’s indoor garden has generated more attention and buzz than any sign or anything else we’ve done to connect people with what we do and our mission.” – John Olinto, Owner/Founder of b.good


The promotion of serving local food at restaurants is a large piece of the farm-table-movement. Food traveling the least amount of distance from the farm to your plate is the driving force behind the movement. Having a productive farm just feet away from the kitchen is about as good as it gets.

Growing produce organically on-site at restaurants satisfies the increasing demand from consumers for reasonably priced food that is locally and organically grown. Whether it is a rooftop farm, raised bed garden, or containers, it can be done, and it is most definitely worth it. Local food systems reduce food miles and cost of transportation, resulting in significant energy savings. Consumers also benefit from tastier, fresher and more nutritious food.

Economic Viability

The combination of eliminating transportation costs, reducing food costs and having the ability to offer produce that is local makes on-site growing economically viable for any establishment.

Want to learn more about the economic benefits of growing produce on-site at restaurants? Download the Case Study: Economic Viability of Growing Produce Organically On-Site at Restaurants.


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