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The Perks of Ecoscaping


For millions of years, Earth’s organisms have continually evolved in an attempt to occupy any available niche in our biosphere. Over time, nature has done remarkably well at making sure resources never go to waste.

Rather than attempt to create machines and chemicals that mimic tasks already performed by nature, we believe it makes more sense to utilize organisms that naturally carry out our desired functions. For this reason, we have proudly implemented Ecoscaping into our business model.


Ecoscaping is a method of landscaping that emphasizes native perennial plants to create low maintenance, aesthetically inviting, and environmentally responsible gardens. It utilizes some of the same principles used in permaculture: a design framework that attempts to make use of all of nature’s available energy so that biomass (the mass of all living things, including both plants and animals) can be maximized and physical and chemical inputs can be minimized.


“You don’t have a snail problem, you have a duck deficiency.” – Bill Mollison


In this quote, Bill Mollison (who is often referred to as the “Father of Permaculture”) reminds us that our problems do not always need to be solved with pesticides and fertilizers; often, they have simple and natural solutions, like the introduction of hungry ducks to combat an invasion of unwanted snails. Understanding the ecosystem as a whole, particularly the functions of each organism and how they interact with other species, is essential in the implementation of successful permaculture and Ecoscaping.


Ecoscaping is a way of gardening with the environment and natural ecological functions in mind. It is an attempt to construct a more harmonious relationship between your garden and the surrounding habitat. Observing your unique plot of land is necessary to successfully create a thriving Ecoscape; by carefully placing plants in the perfect microclimate for them to thrive, they are able to grow freely and maximize yield. Resilient fruit trees, native bushes and other perennials make up the bulk of the biomass in Ecoscaping, but annual and biannual plants and veggies can easily be planted alongside them.

Some notable perks of Ecoscaping and its benefits to your average gardener include:

  • Increased biodiversity both in the soil and surrounding area
  • No tilling
  • Less money spent on fertilizers
  • Lower water consumption
  • More spaces for pollinators to forage
  • More rainwater is slowed, captured, and put to use on site
  • The addition of a beautiful and functional green space to your home or office

Using a design process that incorporates knowledge of environmental processes and aesthetic beauty, we are able to create a versatile space that encourages life to flourish with reduced maintenance. That means you can spend more time enjoying your garden and less time tending to it. Not a bad deal!


Ready to create your own backyard oasis? Our Ecoscaping specialists will be delighted to help design a unique Ecoscape for your space today.

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