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Private Land for Public Benefit

Efforts to conserve privately owned land reaps benefits that spill over property boundaries, positively impacting the non-paying public. An effective way to to utilize private land for public use is to implement community gardens.

Why Community Gardens?

  • Local governments can promote community gardens as a valuable use of land on both public and private property.
  • Represent commitment to the
    community and neighboring cities.
  • Promote the role of public health in improving quality of life.
  • Offer a variety of resources and skill-building activities for participants.
  • Contribute to the use of open space, vacant lots, and public parks.
  • Empower residents to become more active in their communities.
  • Create gathering places that bring people across all boundaries together.
  • Can be used for educational purposes.

Community Gardens Result In:

  • Food for individual consumption.
  • Food for sale.
  • Beautification of the community.
  • Fight against obesity.
    • Physical activity of participants.
    • Increasing access to nutritious foods.
    • Environmental and health education.
  • Build a sense of community among neighbors.
  • Abate criminal activity.
  • Prevent trash accumulation and littering. 

Through community garden initiatives, cities have:

  • Enacted policies for water use.
  • Improved access to fresh produce.
  • Increased awareness of public health.
  • Strengthened community building skills.


Want to learn more about growing food in the city? Our Landscape Specialist, Marie Macchiarolo is teaching a FREE class on May 10th at the Cambridge Public Library! Make sure to register today!


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