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Chicken Myths BUSTED

Yardbirds Backyard ChickensThere are many myths out there about our fluffy friends and we are here to bust them all. Are you thinking of expanding your urban farm to include chickens? Here we give you all the information you will need to k

now about keeping urban chickens. From how noisy they are (not very), to how great they are for pest control. Take these tips to develop your knowledge on a new level of urban farming!

Myth #1: Urban Chickens carry diseases

Truth: small urban flocks of chickens have no risk of avian flu transmission to humans. In 2006 the Grain report stated, “When it comes to bird flu, diverse small-scale poultry is the solution, not the problem.” Avian flu presents in large-scale production of chickens, when they are kept in small spaces, with high levels of stress affecting their immune systems.

Myth #2: Too noisy to keep in an urban setting

Truth: The truth is that laying hens, at their loudest have about the same decibel level as human conversation (60 to 70 decibels). In fact people have kept chickens for years without their neighbors knowing! To put in perspective, a barking dog has a higher decibel level of 90.

Myth #3: Cause waste and odor

Truth: A 40lb dog produces more waste than 10 chickens. In addition to that, chicken waste can be used as fertilizer; it has high levels of nitrogen, which is good for the soil.

Myth #4: Attract predators, pests and rodents

Truth: Predators and rodents are already living in urban areas. Trash cans, bird feeders and household pets attract raccoons, foxes, rodents and flies. The type of coop you keep will keep out the larger predators from harming your chickens, and your chickens are part of your pest solution. Chickens are avid carnivores and will seek out pests like ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, slugs and mice.

Myth #5: Property values will decrease

Truth: There are no documents that support this that we have found. In fact there are some realtors saying that it may increase property values in a time where green neighborhoods and residents are valuing local healthy food.

Myth #6: Coops are Ugly

Truth: Coops ideal for small flocks can be designed in a charming upscale way. Common designs often blend in with nature and local architecture with complementing color schemes.

Myth #7: What will the Neighbors Think?

Truth: You can’t control what your neighbors will think, but your neighbors will most likely understand the advantages of chickens. Especially when your share your delicious heart healthy eggs with them! Just think- neighbors can’t control if you have a large pit-bull, eight load motorcycles, or a house full of children. Why should they be able to care if you have chickens?

By- Bettina Reece


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