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Fish: The Future of Rooftop Farming

Conceptual Devices uses aquaponics technology to make a modern rooftop farm

Imagine if you could feed yourself and 15 other people fish and vegetables you sourced from your apartment rooftop! Zurich designers, Conceptual Devices, have created an incredibly futuristic looking dome that just might be able to make that a reality. Their dome uses aquaponics technologies and creates a tiny sustainable environment that allows the fish to live off the waste of the plants and the plants to flourish from the effects of the fish. If they get enough funding and interest, they could develop a product that can be easily installed on any city rooftop and used by millions of people around the world!

We heard about this from the wonderful Good.is and we’re curious to see how Conceptual Devices’ partnership with Urban Farmers (a European version of Green City Growers) turns out!

At Green City Growers, we are strictly soil farmers, and thus we won’t be developing any aquaponics systems any time soon. However, technological advancements like those created by Conceptual Devices are a vital contribution to changing our food system for the better.

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