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Add Something New to Your Garden: Microgreens!

If you are an urban gardener with limited space, these are the plants for you! Microgreens have been widely grown and harvested since the 80s, but they are now beginning to pick up popularity because growing them is so simple! The term microgreens refers to a variety of edible immature greens, smaller than baby greens but bigger than sprouts. These little plants can be grown indoors on your window sill in a small, shallow container with a little bit of sunlight, soil, and water. The best part is that these little guys are ready to harvest in less than a month! Microgreens can be harvested anytime beginning from their cotyledon (seed leaf) stage until their “true leaf” stage.

Microgreens have a much more intense flavor profile than mature greens do, and are often more densely concentrated with nutrients. Choose microgreens to spice up your dishes with new flavors, vibrant colors, and contrasting textures.

Interested in having fresh microgreens readily available for you to harvest? Let Green City Growers help you grow your own! We can customize trays of microgreens to suit your flavor preferences, and deliver the trays all set and ready to grow right to your door. The self-watering trays we grow them in minimize necessary maintenance between our visits. 

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