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3 Ways Your Company Can Champion Circular Economies

What is a Circular Economy?

A circular economy entails markets that give incentives to reusing products, rather than scrapping them and then extracting new resources.

This approach supports both environmental and economic sustainability, ultimately leading to sustainable development: 


Source: UNCTAD “Circular Economy”

Why and How To Participate in a Closed-Loop System 

1. Circular Procurement: Embrace circular procurement practices by sourcing goods and services from suppliers who prioritize sustainability and circularity. This shift aligns with the findings of a survey involving 54 leading global brands, where nearly all reported an increasing consumer interest in sustainable lifestyles.

2. Waste Reduction Programs: Businesses generate a staggering amount of waste each year. Implement comprehensive waste reduction programs within your organization to minimize your impact on the environment, improve your reputation and improve financial performance

  • E.g. Green City Growers’ Closed-Loop Organic Waste Management System: Our Closed-Loop Organic Waste System, in partnership with Cero and Black Earth Compost, converts urban garden biomass into nutrient-rich compost.

3. Cultivate a Sustainability Culture: Establish a company-wide sustainability culture that not only helps achieve sustainability goals but also enhances employee satisfaction. A Harvard Business Review study underscores the impact, revealing that strong sustainability cultures lead to a notable 38% higher employee loyalty and an impressive 55% increase in morale.

  • E.g. Green City Growers’ Urban Farming Educational Hubs: Our farmer-led programs educate communities on topics including composting and sustainability.

The Bigger Picture

Sustainability is undoubtedly a shared responsibility, one that extends far beyond any single entity. It’s a commitment to nurturing a future where waste is minimized, resources are conserved, and communities thrive. 

This is why Green City Growers’ mission is to provide inspiring shared experiences that connect and educate people to grow food sustainably, contributing to waste reduction, resource conservation, and community engagement.

In doing so, we play a role in creating a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable urban landscape while sowing the seeds of a brighter urban future.


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