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BEE Smart, Add Value to Your Business

Help bees help you. Bees need flowers for food, while flowers need bees to reproduce. It’s an ongoing cycle that you have the ability to play a crucial role in.

Although a backyard is a great place to create a beneficial environment for bees, it is important to consider other commercial settings as well! Don’t worry, the bees will reward you with an abundance of honey.

Buzzing Benefits Everywhere


Provides a unique way to promote sustainability, while having the ability to use honey in their kitchens. Bees will also make sure to pollinate your garden, creating beauty, function and a greater yield. 


Restaurants will have access to honey from their own hives to use in their dishes, drinks and desserts. A creative way to drive business and attract new customers. 

Nursing homes

Goddard House | (c) Maureen White Photography

Open the residents’ eyes to the unique nature of bees, giving them an opportunity to get outside, engage and learn.  

Schools and Universities

Introduce students to the importance of bees, teaching them why need them in our lives, while providing
them with a hands on learning experience and some delicious honey!

Add Value to Your Business

Here at Green City Growers, we currently have a diverse group of clients including restaurants, schools and universities, as well as assisted living centers. Adding bees to those gardens will not only increase the gardens value and yield, but also provide immediate access to honey, while giving bees the opportunity to thrive in a variety of different environments.


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