Our Team

Christopher Grallert, President

Chris joined Green City Growers in 2015 as a Partner, Advisor, and Managing Director. He is now the company’s President. With over thirty years of professional experience in organic and sustainable agriculture, Chris is committed to supporting regenerative agricultural models that foster responsible land and soil stewardship. Outside of his role at GCG, Chris is passionately involved with his own farm and home in Millis which includes an extensive library of literature, history and science and artifacts related to all things agriculture. Chris enjoys working alongside his thirteen-year-old nephew in his organic vegetable farm and helping to revive the lost art of mechanical weed control by restoring and repurposing cultivating farm machinery. Chris has degrees from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture (Fruit & Vegetable Production) and the University of Maine (Sustainable Agriculture).

Caitie Dwyer-Huppert, Director of Education & Programs 

Caitie joined GCG in March 2018. Caitie graduated from Clark University with a bachelors in Biology and a masters in Education. She loves the intersection of nature, farming, and teaching. After teaching science for 15 years in Worcester and Boston public schools, she earned a masters of Science in Ecological Design from the Conway School. She is happy to be developing GCG education programs, supporting farmers in teaching, and getting kid’s hands in the dirt. Some of her other loves are hiking and playing around outside with family and dogs, picking and eating berries at the same time, and playing guitar.

Sara Rostampour, Director of Horticulture 

Sara joined GCG in September 2022. Sara has a BS in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota and an MS in Horticulture from Cornell University, specializing in vegetable production. Sara has been farming in the northeast since 2008, mainly annual vegetables and cut flowers. Her favorite flower is the ephemeral sweet pea and she also loves operating tractors (especially for cultivation!) and equipment to get the job done.

Nisha Shrestha-Basnet, Controller

Nisha joined GCG in April of 2023. She received her Bachelors in Accounting and Masters in Quantitative Methods & Modeling from Baruch College in NYC. Nisha is an experienced financial professional with over 10 years of leadership and team-building experience. Previously, she headed the fiscal team of a NY based non-profit and she is a founding member of the Nepali Young Professionals in New York. She is in charge of financial management and accounting for GCG. Nisha believes and practices a learning mindset and considers herself a student of life.

Anna Mutch, Business Development Manager  

Anna joined GCG in May 2021. Anna graduated from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management with a bachelors in Marketing. During her time in college, she worked as a seasonal gardener which inspired her to minor in horticulture. Her horticulture passion has led her to various experiences, most recently with Minnesota’s prominent garden center, Bachman’s. There she had positions in both the marketing and garden maintenance departments. Anna loves biking, live music, sustainable practices and eating local veggies.


Mya Neary, Horticulture Manager

Mya was born and raised on Boston’s South Shore where she enjoyed a love for the outdoors from a very young age. She attended Norfolk County Agricultural High School where she was first introduced to greenhouse production and ornamental horticulture. At UMass Lowell, Mya earned a BA in Entrepreneurship while minoring in Nutrition. During her time in college, she volunteered with several food justice nonprofits which inspired her to pursue a career where she can combine her interests in food, plant life and people. Throughout her professional career Mya has worked as a floral designer, fine gardener and flower farmer. She was drawn to Green City Growers by a passion to connect people with each other and the Earth. Mya loves to learn about and advocate for native species, medicinal plants and fungi of the northeast.

Bridget McCarthy, Education & Programs Specialist

Bridget joined GCG in May 2023. She has worked on a variety of farms around New England and abroad. She has a background in TESOL and has taught learners of all ages, from K-12 to adult education. Bridget has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Plymouth State University and is working on a Master’s degree in TESOL at Salem State University. She is excited to be working with GCG to give people enriching, enjoyable educational experiences in the garden while also expanding people’s access to fresh produce. When she’s not at GCG you can find her climbing, dancing, or hanging out on her front porch.

Esther Park, Business Development Associate 


Esther graduated from the University of Melbourne with a bachelors in marketing. Her interest in urban agriculture blossomed while working on a farm and exploring agricultural communities abroad. When she’s not thinking about sustainable food systems, you’ll find her exploring the neighborhood, reading HBR, and drawing plants.



Nicole Byrne, Customer Success Specialist 

Nicole joined GCG in September of 2023. She graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Early Childhood Education. After a few years of being in the classroom, she switched gears and moved into the SaaS industry working as a CSM. Nicole is excited to help foster new & exciting experiences around urban agriculture and sustainability for our constituents and the larger community. When she is not at GCG she can be found enjoying the outdoors or doing anything that allows her to be creative.


Our Farmers + Crew

Jason Marino Production Site Specialist

Mattie Devin Urban Farmer Educator

Grayce Rose Urban Farmer Educator

Lisa Attaway Production Site Specialist - Westlake, TX

Abigail Kidson Urban Farmer

Julia Toropov Urban Farmer Educator

Anna Jacobs Urban Farmer Educator

Haley Bergeron Urban Farmer

Nate Hale Production Site Specialist - Covington, KT

Gunel Gurbanova Production Site Specialist

Rodrigo Lopez Garcia Installations Team Member

Jose Valencia Installation Team Member