Farm-To-Table On A Whole New Level

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Supply your restaurant, cafe or hotel with fresh produce organically grown on site in containers, raised beds or a full rooftop farm. Urban farms and gardens draw the community in by beautifying barren spaces and showing your restaurant’s commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients possible.

“Our Boylston location’s indoor garden has generated more attention and buzz than any sign or anything else we’ve done to connect people with what we do and our mission.”

–John Olinto, b.good Restaurant Owner, Founder

Lead the Local Food Movement

Take the food service farm-to-table movement to the next level by growing hyper-local and harvesting produce only feet from your establishment’s kitchen. Growing on site ensures quality and a fresh supply of typically high-priced herbs and unavailable heirloom plant varieties.

“The herbs we get from even the best purveyors have lost flavor. Fresh herbs, straight from our Green City Growers garden, the flavors are still there; they just pop.”

–Head Chef Freddie, Tables of Content Catering

Benefits of Growing On Site

  • Yield up to 350 lbs of produce per 100 sqft (requirements)
  • Immediate access to fresh, local, chemical-free produce
  • A meaningful connection to your ingredients for an inspired menu
  • Active participation in the “green movement” and energy conservation
  • A collaborative environment for your staff
  • Cost-saving (yield and value), and time-saving
  • Press-worthy and generates buzz

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