Raised Beds

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Built for Versatility, Production, & Value

Green City Growers’ raised beds are optimized for growing vegetables virtually anywhere with a contained, clean aesthetic. Our beds are constructed from Northern White Cedar, sourced from Vermont, and are filled with our custom blended organic mix designed for successful edibles growing. All beds are lined with WeedBlock (spun polyester fabric) and hardware cloth (like chicken wire) to protect the soil from intrusive roots and burrowing animals, and to allow bed placement on any surface.

Our standard raised bed pricing includes a trellising system for supporting vining plants like tomatoes and beans. Our custom designed corner brackets, manufactured in the United States, allow for easy assembly and take-down of trellising and pest fencing, creating a fully modular system that enables a successful transition between seasons.

Raised beds allow you to grow edibles in nontraditional spaces such as:

  • yards with contaminated soil (common in urban Greater Boston)
  • concrete
  • parking spaces
  • rooftops

Our standard bed setup includes an efficient drip irrigation system for thorough and consistent watering, eliminating one of the most common maintenance mistakes and ensuring success. Drip irrigation, consisting of quarter-inch tubing that connects to an automatic timer, slowly releases water at the base of the plant for maximum absorption. This irrigation technology reduces nutrient leaching and water waste.

Interested in more? Schedule an initial consultation with the GCG team, which includes site light analysis, bed placement, and plant recommendations. The consultation fee of $50 is fully credited towards any raised bed purchase.

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Standard Bed Pricing

All installations includes wood frame, Green City Growers custom-blended organic soil, drip irrigation system, and professional installation. Additional prep work, custom designs, and installations outside of our service area are subject to additional fees.

Cedar (4’x8′): $1,025
Cedar Timbers (4’x8′): $1,100

Raised Bed Enhancements

Custom and Adaptive Raised Beds

Beds can be built in customized shapes and sizes, constructed out of timbers or recycled plastic, painted or stained to match other structures or surrounding decor, or made adaptive at a range of heights and depths to accommodate physical constraints. For example, double or triple raised beds make it possible to maintain the garden from a seated or standing position and eliminate bending, recommended for programs at senior living facilities.

Adaptive Bed Pricing

Standard beds are 12″ tall, but can be built at heights 24″, 36″ and more. Upon request, beds can be built more narrowly at 24″ for increased accessibility (2′ x 8′).

4′ x 8′ x 24″: Begin at $1,300
4′ x 8′ x 36″: Begin at $1,700
4′ x 8′ x 48″: Begin at $2,100