Fruit Trees and Bushes

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A Worthwhile Investment

Fruit trees and bushes are a great addition to your urban garden. Fruit trees and bushes are a longer term investment, as they do not not yield fruit immediately like vegetables, and some varieties may require more maintenance, but ultimately you will produce fruit for years to come.


  • Low maintenance varieties
  • Produce for years
  • Some exotic varieties
  • Make great living fences
  • Many dwarf varieties grow in containers
  • Produce early summer through late fall

Fruit needs six main things to stay healthy: light, fertilization, water, a pest and disease prevention plan, harvesting, and pruning. Our horticultural specialists are well-equipped to meet the special considerations fruit requires.

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Schedule and Pricing

Customers interested in fruit trees should ideally schedule a consultation for early March to allow for a soil test and amendments if needed, so trees can be ordered in time for planting in early April.

Fruit installation pricing is dependent upon the fruit varieties chosen and the nature of the installation. Refer to our Fruit Programs & Pricing Guide for more information.

Fruit Consultation (applied to first installation*):  $50
In-Ground Soil Test (per sample):  $30
*Green City Growers applies the initial consultation fee to installations of $400 and above.