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Awaken your garden or outdoor space with the vitalizing touch of an Italian honeybee hive, from our partners at The Best Bees Company. These captivating, docile creatures help pollinate more than 130 plant and flower species in the region and produce truly unique, hyper-local honey from your very own beehive.

Full-Service Support

From hive installation to honey harvesting, The Best Bees Company offers a full suite of services that make home beekeeping a simple and safe reality. The standard service package includes the delivery and installation of high-quality pine hive equipment, a colony of bees, and any additional support that your bees may require to thrive in their new environment. Routinely beekeepers visit to check on the health of your bees, take action to prevent swarms, manage or treat disease, and add or remove equipment to accommodate for the seasonal variance in colony size. Your beekeeper uses innovative proprietary software to track data on every hive visit making a scientific approach to beekeeping the new gold standard.

The service guarantees live healthy honeybees. If your colony succumbs to Colony Collapse Disorder, pesticides, or any other disease that causes the colony to fail, The Best Bees Company will replace your bees as soon as they are available.

Beyond the Basics

The Best Bees Company offers additional services to complement standard packages, including honey analysis, a custom shop for specialty and personalized beehives, and supplementary custom label honey from reserve apiaries.

If you are interested in raising your own honeybees, contact us today!

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