Hannah Farm

Alongside our friends at b.good, we have been growing fresh vegetables and herbs since 2009. After growing in kiddie pools, in raised beds, and indoors, it only makes sense to be growing a full-scale production farm. Introducing Hannah Farm!
Hannah Farm image

The System We Created

Located on the site of an existing but abandoned farm, Hannah Farm is a ¾ acre in-ground farm, complete with greenhouses and produce washing and packing stations. Green City Growers helped to renovate the farm, and will manage a crew of b.good workers in maintaining the farm. Initial estimates anticipate an annual yield of more than 80,000 of organic produce, including zucchini, green beans, kale, bok choy, radishes, cucumbers, and basil.

Where Does the Food Go?

For the first two growing seasons, more than 75 percent of all crop yield will be donated to Camp Harbor View, the on-island summer camp that serves at-risk youth where Green City Growers is already running programming, as well as Fair Foods. The produce will also be used for weekly educational opportunities and community events. The rest of the produce will be distributed into the supply chain for b.good’s 31 locations.

Project Players

The farm is a partnership between b.good, the Boston Public Health Commission, Camp Harbor View, and Green City Growers. b.good hopes to further involve the local community in the day-to-day maintenance of Hannah Farm through regular service days.