Urban Food Harvest and Bike-Ride, Oh My!

Have you heard of the Greenhorns? They are an awesome grass-roots non-profit that are all about promoting and supporting the new generation of young farmers. Check out their website for more information about the great things they are doing.

One such great thing is happening right here in Somerville! On May 14th from 12-6pm The Greenhorns is hosting a foraging bike-ride followed by a screening of their documentary “The Greenhorns”. What is a foraging bike ride you say? We’re glad you asked. It’s a bike ride in which a group of people forage for food growing along the bike route. This particular trip will be dedicated to finding Elderflower in the Boston area.

Check out the details on the poster!

Following the ride will be a screening of the Greenhorns documentary which will include local beer and food. Yuuummmmm!

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