The Final Stretch

Twelve more days!

We are down to our final twelve days of our Kickstarter fundraising campaign for Allison Houghton’sThe Urban Bounty so I figured I would give you all the top twelve reasons to help support this book

12. Will help you grow in tricky places
11. Teach kids hands-on about where their food comes from
10. Helping a small business grow
9. Allison is highly experienced, and wants to share her knowledge
8. Learn all the pros about raised bed gardening
7. Roof top gardening techniques
6. Identify Effective spacing, irrigation, planting techniques
5. Donating will make you feel good!
4. Pest management skills you can’t find elsewhere
3. Awesome rewards for people who donate!
2. Extend your growing season
1. Without your help none of this would be possible!

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