Seed Packet Tips

Cool Weather Crops!

If you attended the El Mundo Latin Food Festival (or any other GCG events lately) then the the chances are you received a seed packet for either Kale or Cilantro! If you have any confusion about the planting of these crops then please look below and hopefully questions can be answered!

    Planting Kale:

> Plant these seeds 3 months before the fall frost, or earlier if you are ready!
> Create a row (or spots) with your finger in the soil 1/4 to 1/2 an inch deep (about fingernail depth).
> Plant the seeds 6-12 for every foot, about one every inch or so
> If you are planting more than one row, be sure they are about two 1.5 feet apart.
> Cover with just a fine layer of soil and water!
> Your kale should be ready to harvest about 2 months after planting!

    Planting Cilantro:

> Plant in the early fall
> Make a 1/4 inch depression into the soil
> Plant the seeds 1 inch apart
> Cover with just a fine layer of soil and water!
> Once they reach 1″ tall thin the plants out so that there are 3 inches between each plant
> You can harvest the leaves or the seeds (Coriander) once the plant is grown

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