Nerdnite: Roofs and RAWK

Monday, 4.30.12 @ 8PM
Middlesex Bar, Cambridge

Jessie will be presenting a “nerd” talk at this month’s Nerdnite! Details:

Talk 1
“Urban Farming: From Backyards to Rooftops” by Brendan Shea and Jessie Banhazl

Brendan is a LEED Accredited Professional who started his career in wastewater treatment engineering for environmentally sensitive areas. After 10 years of poop jokes from friends, he moved up the wastewater chain, founding Recover Green Roofs, shifting from wastewater to stormwater management. Working on rooftop gardens led to a natural progression toward rooftop agriculture, where Brendan and Jessie started working together on Boston’s first commercial rooftop farm.

After becoming frustrated with the lack of access to fresh produce and green space in her Brooklyn neighborhood, Jessie left a career in reality television and moved to Boston to start Green City Growers. GCG sets up and maintains urban farming plots for schools, private residences, restaurants, and corporate offices. Jessie’s interests and experiences lie in education, marketing, social entrepreneurship, and organic vegetable production. She has a dog named Stella who loyally follows her throughout most of her work day.

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