Looking Forward to This Summer!

An Intern’s perspective

Summer is just about here, and kids are waiting at the edges of their seats for vacation to finally arrive. When I was younger I used to wonder how my parents could possibly work all Summer long with no vacation, but since working at Green City Growers, I have been working to spread opportunity for people to look forward to work this season: Employee Wellness Gardening Programs.

There are many programs that we offer, and for the first time tomorrow I will get to experience one first hand at ABT Associates and learn alongside employees there! Our programs provide opportunities for employees to work with our horticultural experts in raised bed gardens and learn about the basics of growing your own veggies and why it is important. Equipped with this knowledge wellness is improved! If I work for a company some day, I hope that it has a program as great as this one.

Tomorrow morning I will wake up and look forward to going to work, as will ABT Associates employees…will you? It’s not too late to brighten your summer and let your employer know that our program can fit at your company!

–Macy Horton (Summer Intern)

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