Joining the GCG Team: An Introduction

Silly me, I neglected to introduce myself with my last post. My name is Annie Gilmore and I am one of the new interns for GCG this fall. My passion for locally, sustainably grown food aligns with GCG’s mission to bring farm fresh food to everyone’s backyard (or roof!) and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

My interest in the local food movement developed at Dickinson College where I took a class on ecofeminism, that is, finding connections between the oppression of women and the environment (more on that later). In this class we explored, among many things, our interconnectedness with the earth and at times focused on the power of soil. I came to the conclusion that working with soil is the most meaningful work one can do, and so I embarked on a mission to cultivate responsibly grown food and bring people closer to it.

A job on my college farm solidified that undertaking. Double-digging the fields and stacking mushroom-inoculated logs are fine ways to spend an afternoon, but eating the food that I helped grow was physically and spiritually gratifying beyond belief. Green City Growers is helping families, students, businesses and people of all ages find that same satisfaction, and I am proud to help fulfill that mission.

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