A Healthy Youth

Doctors Confront Obesity in America

I recently came across an article on ABC news that further enforced Green City Growers mission statement in my mind. The article covers the latest concerns and issues Doctors are having in facing the rising obesity in America. What is your BMI? Do you know what it should be? I surely didn’t, and so after reading this article I checked it out for myself. “Some doctors have begun calling it a vital sign, as crucial to monitor as blood pressure” the article states. I agree with the article that it is crucial to not let this epidemic continue into future generations, and this begins with education. Hands-on experiential learning is the best way we can teach today’s youth and instill in their minds the value in growing your own veggies and how great they will taste. If your children have no idea where there food comes from, make the change sooner than later, and save them the health risks expressed in this article!

CLICK HERE to read the article and calculate your BMI

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