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Green City Growers converts unused commercial, municipal, educational and residential spaces into vibrant urban farms anywhere the sun shines.

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Design, Build & Install

Green City Growers designs each urban farm to spec, with options ranging from raised beds to rooftop farms. We offer enhancements such as cold frames and pest fencing, find creative solutions to maximize your available growing space, build from sustainable materials, and install each organic urban farm, large to small, with precision and care.

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Urban Farming for High Yield

Green City Growers maintains production-level urban farms for restaurants and grocers to provide immediate access to healthy, organically-grown produce and to prove that you can farm anywhere. We plant crops that thrive in the local climate and use techniques like succession planting to maximize yield from the available growing space.

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Youth and Adult Programs

Green City Growers pioneers farming education programs aimed at promoting healthy living and environmental sustainability for businesses, municipalities, schools, and individuals throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We provide in-house courses and workshops, corporate wellness and healthcare facilities programming, and school programming.


Our World Vision

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We envision a world where rooftops and vacant lots become common and productive places to grow food - an urban agricultural revolution for a healthier nation. People from all walks of life will have access to a network of sustainable urban farms, fueling personal and environmental health.

Our Clients

Whole Foods Ledge Kitchen & Drinks b.good City of Somerville Beverly Public Schools Massachusetts Medical Society